Watten House Unit Mix

Watten House Unit Mix Announced

We are pleased to announce the news of the Unit Mix of Watten House at Bukit Timah. This is a freehold development of the hightest quality sitting on 20,461.10 sqm of site area and hence able to give such excellent huge formats sizes, including 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms and even Penthouses too.

Watten House Condo Unit Mix

The unit mix are as follow:

  • Type C1 & Type C2 : 3 Bedrooms has 40 units of 990-1160 sqft
  • Type CS1 to CS5 : 3 Bedrooms with Study has 60 units of 1,500 sqft
  • Type D : 4 Bedrooms has 36 units of 1,800 sqft
  • Type E : 5 Bedrooms has 36 units of 3,600 sqft
  • Type PH : Penthouse has 8 units of 3,400 to 4,000 sqft

Here you can see, on this layout map of each block in Watten House, what unit mix are there in each block. So you can see that in Block 38, there are CS1 and CS2 (3 Bedrooms with Study Type C1 and Type C2) as well as two units of 4 Bedrooms (Type D2) Watten House Units Mix Detailed Map

And in this diagram on the different units in EACH FLOOR in EACH BLOCK, you can for example, see that in Blk 38, each floor has 2 units of three bedrooms (The C Type) and 2 units of four bedrooms (The D Type). Except the highest floor has only 1 4 Bedroom as there is the magnificent Penthouse in the same floor too. Watten House Units Mix Detailed Map

The large floor size are very attractive as this is not easy to find such sizes in today's environment. This is a luxury freehold condo that has decided to provide excellent large size format units for its buyers. The number of large units (such as 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and Penthouses) are quite significant for a project in Singapore. This means that the development is indeed as family friendly as we thought it would be.

With excellent location at Bukit TImah, close to the Tan Kah Khee MRT, this FREEHOLD development with such generous floor sizes will be a hit

Watten House Location Map

Consider buying an unit at Watten House Condo. It is also right at the neighborhood of Watten Estate which is a charming little estate suitable for families and everyone else.

To be developed by top quality developers, there will be 3/4/5 bedrooms and even duplex penthouses too.

Watten House Unit Mix Announced


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