Primary Schools within 1km of Watten Estate Condo

Every parent cares about his or her child’s education. In Singapore, parents go out of their way to make it possible for their children to get into what is known to be popular good primary schools.

Two Top Primary Schools are within 1km of Watten Estate Condo

In fact in 2022, a suburban condo, AMO Residence was sold out within the first day, due to its proximity to two top primary schools in Singapore. Education is a serious and costly thing in Singapore.

In Singapore, for primary one admissions, if it comes down to a ballot, priority of balloting will be based on the distance between the student’s residence and the school’s boundary/ fence/ border. But honestly, for Watten Estate Condo, it does not matter, as there are two very popular and top Primary schools that fall within its 1km range.

How does distance affect your child’s primary 1 registration

If your chosen primary school has more registrants than vacancies, priority admission will be given based on your child's citizenship and the Home-School Distance category, which is in turn based on the address used for registration.

Priority admission is given in this order:

  • Singapore Citizens (SC) living within 1km of the school.
  • SCs living between 1km and 2km of the school.
  • SCs living outside 2km of the school.
  • Permanent Residents (PR) living within 1km of the school.
  • PRs living between 1km and 2km of the school.
  • PRs living outside 2km of the school.

Two very good primary schools within 1km of Watten Estate Condo

For Watten Estate Condo, it is within 1km of two very good schools. These two schools are almost always subject to balloting at the latter phases of the registration. The early phases are usually taken up by the children of the alumni of these schools. It is expected as these are good schools and their successful parents will want to let their children study where they graduated from. 除了需要住得近,申请人还得有报名学校的“校友”关系,即父母或哥哥姐姐曾经在该校就读,才有优先报名的资格。

But this meant high competition for primary school places for these top primary schools. It is not easy to get your child in! So a condo like the Watten Estate Condo is going to be very popular with parents or investors. Investors know that they can rent out their units for very long term stays that can qualify in the priority admission.

So simply from the point of priority of Primary 1 admission, buying a unit at Watten Estate Condo gives you the advantage of not only increasing your chances of enrolling your child in these two top schools.


Being close to these schools also meant being able to wake up at a more reasonable hour in the morning and able to get back home faster than anyone else in the afternoon.

More time for fun ! A Happier Child !

Nanyang Primary School 南洋小学

Nanyang Primary School is within 1km of Watten Estate Condo

Nanyang Primary School 南洋小学 is at 52 King's Rd, Singapore 268097 and within 1 km of Watten Estate Condo. The school vision 学校愿景 School Vision is to “Learners of Character, Leaders in Action 睿智仁心,求实力行的学子”.

Nanyang Primary School is a school that is well-rooted in the traditional Chinese culture, yet at the same time forward-looking to cater to the growing needs of children in the globalised world. 南洋小学创校至今已有九十七年。秉承先辈严谨办学的精神,以校训:勤、慎、端、朴为依据,有幸能持续走在教育阵线的前端。为了配合时代的要求,向来以双语并进为原则,同时注重德、智、体、群、美,五育教育的平均发展,努力为国家培育了不少优秀英才。

It is no exaggeration that competition for what many perceived as the top primary school in Singapore is very very intense. You can even volunteer your services at the school Phase 2B Parent Volunteer Application Form to gain priority but I suggest the best way is still to buy an unit at Warren Estate Condo. 阶段2B : 父母在学校或社区做义工一年以上,并且在报名那一年6月30日之前已经服务至少40个小时.

Raffles Girls Primary School 莱佛士女子小学

Raffles Girls Primary School is within 1km of Watten Estate Condo

Raffles Girls Primary School 莱佛士女子小学 is at 21 Hillcrest Rd, Singapore 289072 and also within 1 km of Watten Estate Condo. The school’s Mission is to be “Nurturing Women of Excellence, Leaders of Character and Service”. The five values of RGPS are Learning, Creativity, Graciousness, Responsibility and Integrity, and the school motto is "Knowledge Begets Success". 莱佛士女子小学 愿景 “一个充满活力的社区,由有创造力的思想者、终身学习者和以价值为基础的领导者组成 使命 培养优秀女性、品性和服务的领导者”.

RGSP offers Gifted Education Programme (GEP) which seeks to stretch the minds of the more academically inclined students.


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